About Us

Advanced Integrative Medical 360

Advanced Integrative Medical 360 are the medical experts in diets, nutrition and all-natural medical therapies. With over 50 years of combined experience and thousands of patients treated, our integrative medical team focuses on how to heal the body naturally so you can live your best life. By finding the underlying cause of your medical issues and utilizing integrative therapies, our team can give you options on how you want to treat your body. Our integrative medical team combines the expertise of a Board-Certified Medical Doctor, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, holistic registered nurses and certified health coaches, so you can have the best experienced medical team in your corner treating you!

Darren Dubyak D.C, ABAAHP, CFMP

As an expert nutrition, weight loss and natural pain medicine physician, Dr. Dubyak has helped thousands of patients in the past 15 years with their diet and nutrition goals. Graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a Sports Medicine degree, he further continued his education with a Doctorate of Chiropractic from the National University of Health Sciences. Dr. Dubyak is a Diplomate from the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner.

Tim Dancy M.D., CAQ-SM, CFMP

Dr. Dancy is one of Pittsburgh’s only primary care sports medicine specialists that are certified in functional medicine. With an expertise in joint, muscle and fitness nutrition performance, Dr. Dancy helps patients reach a new level in their fitness and mobility goals. As a graduate of Davidson College, he received his medical degree from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. After completing a residency in Family Medicine at Shadyside Hospital, he then pursued advanced training as a fellow in Primary Care Sports Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Dr. Dancy is Certified in Nutrition IV Therapy and Functional Medicine.

 Alexis L. Eisner, R.N. | Clinic Manager

Alexis strives to provide the most holistic approach to her nursing care. She believes caring for our bodies through proper nutrition, physical fitness, and stress reduction can lead us to better health. She has worked in healthcare for over 10 years as a Phlebotomist and Registered Nurse where she found her passion for caring for the whole patient’s well being. She is an expert phlebotomist with over five years of experience as a Dialysis Nurse in a busy downtown Pittsburgh clinic. Alexis herself has successfully managed her own Lupus symptoms for the last 10 years with eliminating aggressive pharmaceutical needs. She is trained in Yoga Fit and is a believer in its powers for overall well being. She has made it her passion to help others identify and manage chronic disease with goals of reaching remission the most natural way possible.

Candace P. Curea, RN

My previous nursing experience was in a hospital setting on a Cardiac Unit.  During this position I started to realize that this kind of nursing wasn’t my calling.  I did some soul searching as to what kind of nursing was meant for me. When I came across AIM 360, I knew it was the health and wellness nursing care that I’ve been looking for.  During my orientation period at AIM360, I learned about our all-natural products and services and started to incorporate them into my life.  It’s been such a great change that has made me feel so much better inside and out! I’ve never been so proud to be apart of something.  I now know this is the path that was meant for me. I’m excited to continue to grow with AIM360 and be apart of all the amazing things to come! I enjoy meeting and caring for all of you!

Maria Dubyak, Certified Health Coach

Maria first started in the wellness industry as a Weight Watchers leader in the Pittsburgh region in 2004. Through successfully helping thousands of clients, Maria quickly became a top leader and trainer for Weight Watchers. As a mom, Maria understands the difficulties of managing proper nutrition and exercise with the responsibilities of running a family. Her excitement and passion to help other women achieve their weight loss and wellness goals has her allowed to become a top local nutrition coach for women’s health.

Bernadette Kabay, Certified Lifestyle Coach

With over 15 years’ experience in functional medicine and weight loss, Bernadette helps clients through behavior lifestyle changes. Supporting clients with active listening, accountability and guidance, Bernadette works one-on-one with patients in understanding their wellness needs and creating a road map in order to achieve those nutritional goals.