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After struggling to lose the weight I gained thru the years, I was just about give up. I tried almost every single diet on the planet; with no success. While scrolling thru my Facebook feeds, I saw an advertisement for Advanced Integrative Medical 360 and thought, why not, let’s see if they can help me!Too my surprise, this was the best thing that I ever did for myself. I went in to the doctor’s office feeling sluggish, depressed, stressed and I lacked self-esteem. After 60 days on the program, I not only lost weight, my depression disappeared, I am no longer sluggish, my anxiety and stress levels have subsided, I am more focused, and I like myself. I am walking 6 to 7 miles a day, I am back on track with eating the right foods, and I feel absolutely great!
-Kimberly K.

I began my journey at Advanced Integrative Medical Center in March 2018 after going to Alexandra Main Kampert, colon hydrotherapist, for several years. I wanted to learn more about my health and nutrition. I met with DrDubyak and Kallista Dennis after having bloodwork drawn and felt so comfortable with them. They are both very knowledgeable and so helpful. I have worked with Kallista for 2 months on my nutrition and have lost over 10lbs, without even having a goal of losing weight. I ran into a slight bump (stress) and it took me about a week to recover but Kallista was very supportive throughout it all and helped me get back to normalcy. Overall, I feel so much healthier, clear headed, and confident. I lift weights so changing my nutrition along with training only made the results so much better! I am very pleased with my results and look forward to continuing this journey with Advanced Integrative Medical Center. If you want to improve your health and get results, go see them!
-Cari B.

After several years of my husband and I getting heavier and feeling horrible, we knew we needed to do something. I personally have tried it all only to get minimal or zero results. So discouraging since I was fit most of my life until the 50’s kicked in. My husband was chunky most of his adult life but again once he hit his 50’s, the weight just packed on. I saw the ad for Advanced Integrative Medical on TV (this was in late January). My husband was super skeptical and didn’t want to waste money again on something that would not work for us, but I convinced him to give it a try. We got started on the program in late February/early March and could not be happier. I constantly had heartburn and should have owned stock in Tums, but not anymore. My stomach problems have disappeared with eating so much healthier. I thought it would be difficult to switch our eating habits but as you start feeling so much better, it’s actually easy. My husband is no longer pre-diabetic and is down 20 pounds so far. I’ve lost 15 pounds and my cholesterol is down 50 points. The time, concern and detail that Dr. Darren Dubyak gives each person is amazing. He caters the program to your individual needs. The support and help you get from the staff (Kallista, Alex, Maria and all the others) is beyond the best. I feel like they are my friends who are supporting our journey to good health. We aren’t finished yet and are excited to see our results continue to improve over the next couple months. My husband is no longer skeptical; he’s a firm believer as we both are.
-Becky S.

I couldn’t be happier with my experience with this group. The AIM 360 program and supplements have kick started my weight loss and my new lifestyle. Dr. Dubyak and his team have been informative, kind and shown true interest in my progress. It is great to know there is a place that can help me accomplish my goals using a holistic approach. I would recommend this program to everyone.
-Nancy D.

I’m so impressed with this program! The doctors truly listened to my concerns, did a comprehensive evaluation, and then designed a customized program to suit my individual health/wellness needs and goals. The staff is just amazing, so friendly, knowledgeable and supportive. If you are looking for a holistic, whole body/mind approach, this program can provide the knowledge and tools to help you achieve your best, happiest self! I highly recommend!
-Rick R.

I’ve been coming here for over a year for IV vitamin therapy and I love these people. I suffer from an autoimmune disorder and this is the only treatment/therapy that has helped. I feel 10 years younger and haven’t had a flare up in a year. The staff is lovely. I count all of them as friends now.
-Julie S.

When I first made the decision to Advanced Integrative Medical 360 I was hesitant. I was worried about all kind of things. Why I didn’t feel like myself? Why didn’t I feel good? What exactly was going on with my body? With a comprehensive blood panel and a group of highly trained and informative staff they helped me to discover a TSH level of 36. Now, half way through the program my TSH level is a 14. With slight diet modification as well as vitamins catered to my body I am now 18 pounds down and feeling more like myself every day. I am thankful and very grateful to be in the care of individuals who not only personalize programs but look for answers as to why things are happening. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next weeks to come and what my final blood panel reveals. Thanks guys! I truly appreciate your dedication to health and wellness and the personalized care I have received.
-Ashley R.

I’ve been working with Advanced Integrative Medical 360 for over a month now & I’m happy to report I’m losing weight & sleeping better, and I’m especially pleased with the improvement in my energy level! I am getting great support in making some changes in my diet, & look forward to continuing my relationship with this practice.
-Jan S.

For some of you that don’t know I have been a fighter against first “Fibromyalgia” and then lupus for over 10 years, and now Ulcerative Colitis. This isn’t easy to say and a bit embarrassing but it’s the many faces of an autoimmune disease. After watching two of my maternal aunt’s battle and sir come to the disease it led me to question whether the disease for the pharmaceuticals used to manage it killed them faster. When I was diagnosed I already knew that if I was going to go down, I was going down fighting the most natural way possible. It led me to become a passionate, holistically driven registered nurse. I became proactive, Instead of reactive when it came to my well-being. I had a better chance of avoiding pharmaceuticals this way and I knew once I got to a point where I needed medications it was notching years off my life. I have children who need me, there was no other way. I felt I was doing the best that I could trying to stay up-to-date with the latest most natural remedies. I use essential oil for my first aid pharmaceutical cabinet in my home for my family and myself, I am a firm believer in positive energy, nutrition, and exercise. I believe that nothing is by chance, my second week working alongside DrDubyak, I came down with probably the worst inflammatory flare up of my disease that took me to the ER. I was put on very strong antibiotics and steroids which made me feel sicker then what took me to ER; I rarely take either drugs. DrDubyak pulled me aside and said “Let me heal you.” At the point I was at I had nothing to lose. I took the anti-inflammatory supplements he recommended, received his immune boosting IV therapy, and followed his Anti-InflammX Diet. Let me just say that you don’t know how bad you really felt on a chronic basis until you feel BETTER! I can’t believe even when I felt I was “good”, I was at a low functioning capacity just getting by. The IVs gave me immediate relief, my skin feels and looks amazing I might add…lol. Not important, but awesome bonus! My chronic body pains have eased tremendously and my energy has skyrocketed. I was meant to be working with them.
-Alexis E.

This was my first foray into a different approach to health and weight. I was pleasantly surprised at my results. The biggest surprise and benefit that I found is that my brain fog lifted and I no longer felt the need to take a nap and snack at 3 PM. I’m glad I gave this a try!
-Naomi A.

I was very hesitant at first. So I decided to just go for it. The staff is very friendly and helpful. It’s been 30 days and I’ve lost 21 lbs. I feel amazing and eating a clean diet. It has been the best choice I ever made.
-Kayla G.

I love the program. The nutrition coach is the best, guided me the whole way. She listened to my concerns and cared about my progress. I now weigh where I want to be and feel I am able to maintain for the rest of my life!
-Linda C.

I went to advanced integrative medical 360 not to lose weight but to help me with my chronic pain. The staff was friendly and helpful the whole way through the process. I wasn’t sleeping because of my pain tossing and turning trying to get comfortable ,maybe getting 4hrs a sleep a night if I was lucky. With the program I’m sleeping through the night no more sleepless nights pain is under control I have so much more energy and I feel amazing .I lost 30 lbs. in 2 months ,and now I have a better understanding on how and what to eat. I thought that as a family that I cooked a well-balanced meal , but it wasn’t what my body needed to help control the pain .And like a lot of people I used food to help with the pain .I thought if I feed it that the pain would go away , not true. With this program I only give my body what it needs. I have learned new eating habits and I love the way I look and feel I can’t thank them enough. I’m still not done they gave me the tools and I’m going to keep using them to make a better me thank you, thank you. Kallista you always answered every question I ask you ,and made the changes easy . Even when I hit those plateaus, you always motivated me and we all need that. I went through the closet and got rid of the 22/24 pants and the 3x tops. I’m now in size 14 and I can’t remember when I was in that size last .This program works thank you all again.
-Donna R.

I was hesitant about starting this program however I jumped in and I’m very glad I did. Along with losing weight I’m eating so much more healthier. Along with myself, my family is also eating healthier. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to be healthier. Great staff to work with!
-Tanya F.

I am a 46-year-old mother of 4, and grandmother of 2 who has struggled all my life with weight problems. I was relatively healthy, with the exception of my weight which was starting to quickly deteriorate what good health I had. My legs and feet were getting to the point where they couldn’t handle the weight of my body. I would wake up in the morning just as tired as I went to bed, I was so stiff when I got home from work it was all I could do to get out of my vehicle because my joints hurt that bad, I had no desire to cook meals for my family, climbing a flight of stairs to go to bed at night was unbearable, and I was starting to have severe digestive problems. I couldn’t do the things I loved to do any more, and I was afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to enjoy spending time with my children or my grandchildren without being in constant pain. Then one day while I was on lunch at work I saw a television commercial for a Medical Weight Loss Clinic and decided it was now or never. Skeptically, I called and set up an appointment, and it was the best choice I ever made. My blood work showed that I was severely deficient in Vitamin D, and my Cholesterol and Cortisol were both extremely high. I started on their program as soon as I got these results, and in just 46 days I have lost 31 pounds, and I feel great! My joints no longer hurt, my feet don’t throb any more, and I can get out of my car with ease now. Advanced Integrative Medical 360 has taught me the importance of good nutrition and saved my life, and for that I am very thankful. I couldn’t be happier with the results I have had, and I plan to keep following the program guidelines even after I complete all my treatments. Thank you Dr. Dubyak, Dr. Dancy, and everyone at AIM 360 for giving me my life back!
-Jennifer P.

Two months ago I suffered from total fatigue, chronic headaches, poor sleep, pre-hypertension high blood pressure and just found myself suffering from the additional weight I was carrying. I decided I really needed to take care of whatever was wrong. I decided to go see what Advanced Integrative Medical was all about. I started the program and very quickly found myself becoming a new person. The fatigue, chronic headaches, poor sleep, and high blood pressure levels disappeared and I had renewed energy. The joys of being able to do things I have not been able to do were gone, and I had a steady weight loss of 24 pounds. The diet plan was not difficult, even for me who loves my carbs. No more carbs. I feel great, 20 years younger. I would highly suggest that someone who wants to make a change to their lifestyle and to feel better than they have in a long time start this plan. Dr. Dubyak and his staff are so pleasant, caring and supportive. I found that they care much more in how I felt and took a preventative plan to my care than my regular physician.
-Debra G.

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