Hyaluronic Acid Injection

Get relief from painful joint disorders. Natural hyaluronic acid injections are made from chicken collagen and can help lubricate the fluid between your joints so you can improve mobility and regain your life back.


Amniotic Regenerative Therapy

Get help in regenerating your muscles, tendons and ligaments. As an alternative to surgery or steroid injections, Amniotic Regenerative Therapy can give you back your body so you can move without pain again.




What are Hyaluronic Acid Injections?

Hyaluronic Acid Injections are an alternative to steroid joint injections. Made from rooster comb collagen, these injections are typically used to help relieve knee pain by increasing the lubrication between the joints.

How many Hyaluronic Acid Injections do I need?

Typically, one injection per week for 3 weeks is the recommended protocol to help relieve knee joint pain.

What is Amniotic Regenerative Therapy?

Amniotic membrane harvested from the placenta at birth is processed and freeze dried to preserve all the natural growth factors and chemical messengers present. This is reconstituted in the office with sterile saline to make it injectable in nearly any painful area. Ultrasound guidance is used to direct the injection directly into the area needed. The whole process takes no longer than any regular steroid injection (15 minutes or so).

What conditions can Amniotic Regenerative Therapy work for?

Think of these injections like any steroid injection for rotator cuff disease or knee arthritis, but they last longer and can be used in places it is not safe to do steroid injections. So these are safe and effective for carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, knee pain, rotator cuff tears/tendonitis, but unlike steroid injections, they can safely be used for patellar tendons, achilles tendons, plantar fasciitis, and tendons of the hands/fingers. If steroid injections are no longer safe for you, if you want to avoid side effects from steroids, or want to delay or avoid surgery, amniotic membrane regenerative therapy can help you.

Can Amniotic Regenerative Therapy keep me out of surgery and keep me working?

Unlike surgery, there is virtually no down time after Amniotic Membrane injections. You will protect the area injected for a few days and go through physical therapy to get the best results, but there is no recovery time of 6 months or more like in many surgeries. So if you can’t stop working to undergo surgery, Amniotic Membrane injections can help your. This is a wonderful procedure to delay knee replacement, prevent meniscus surgery, treat carpal tunnel syndrome without surgery, and to treat nagging injuries like tennis elbow, achilles tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis.