The Nutri Beauty program focuses on cosmetic nutrition optimization. Rather than applying topical creams and gels, our program integrates bioavailable nutrients that are clinically-proven to enhance your skin, hair and nails. From collagen peptides to glutathione skin-glowing vitamin injections and even our Beauty IV Drip, our Nutri Beauty program will get you looking great from the inside out.


1. Physician Consultation
Work one-on-one with an expert integrative doctor on understanding your goals.

2. Lab Work
Discover which nutrients, amino acids and vitamins your body is deficient in

3. Personalized Program
Utilize a combination of multiple medical therapies so you can maximize your cosmetic results.





How much does the physician consultation cost?

The initial physician consultation is FREE.

What happens during the initial consultation?

Our goal is to understand your health and cosmetic goals during the initial consultation so we can get a better understanding of how to help you. We will review your health history, medication list and answer any questions you may have. The initial consultation is about 30 minutes long. If we believe we can help you and you would like to start the process, we will prescribe lab testing and then do a follow up report of findings about 10-14 later when the lab results come back in.

What happens during the report of findings consultation?

During the report of findings consultation, our doctor goes over your lab results so you can understand which nutrients you are deficient in. This report will go into detail of your lab results and what they mean to your overall cosmetic and anti-aging goals. After the review of lab results, our doctor will give you options on which cosmetic medical therapies you may want to pursue in looking and feeling your best.

How much does the program cost?

Because each program is completely customized to the patient, the program is dependent on your health goals and lab work. Our doctors give options on different therapies so you can choose which one is best for you. Some patient programs are just a couple hundred dollars while others are a couple thousand dollars. You get to choose what you want to do based off of your health goals and your lab work.

What type of natural medical therapies can help with my appearance?

Everything starts from within. If you have a nutrient deficiency, your skin, hair and nails may not look the best. If you have wrinkles or cellulite, you may be deficient in collagen or Vitamin C. If your overall skin is not glowing, you may have a deficiency in glutathione or Vitamin A. If your hair is not growing, then a Biotin deficiency may be to blame. Instead of just masking the problem with creams and gels, our team gets to the root cause of nutrient deficiencies so you can look and feel young again.

Do you offer Glutathione IV Therapy?

Yes. More and more celebrities are now doing glutathione IV therapy to reverse the signs of aging. As the #1 antioxidant in your body, glutathione can help give your skin that glow again, boost your immune system and naturally detoxify your body.

My hair and nails are not growing, how can I help this?

One of the reasons patients have hair loss and brittle nails may be because of thyroid disease. Other reasons could be a collagen, vitamin or nutrition deficiency. Our team uses a combination of natural therapies to help this. Bioavailable collagen peptides, selenium, biotin and Vitamin C could be used to treat these issues successfully.