Inflammatory Fighter

Get relief from neck, back, knee and other muscle and joint pain. The Traumeel injection is a natural anti-inflammatory treatment for both acute and chronic musculoskeletal issues.

Natural Healing

Start the immune healing process in musculoskeletal disorders. The Zeel injection starts the resolving phase of inflammation and assists the body in turning off pain.


Nerve Balance

Stimulate the healing process in auto-immune and arthritic joint disorders. The Neuralgo injection calms the nervous system and protects the joints in arthritis and neuralgias


Spasm Relief

Get relief from muscle spasms. The Spascupreel injection helps relieve muscle spasms from tight muscles, menstrual cramps, abdominal cramps and urogenital spasms.

Immune Detox

Boost your immune system from bacterial infections. The immune-stimulating Lymphomyosot X injection assists in lymphatic drainage and detoxification of toxic substances.

Immune Boost

Boost your immune system from viral infections. The Engystol immune-stimulating injection protects the body from the common viral flu and reduces the severity of symptoms.




What are Natural Rx Injections?

Natural Rx Injections are homeopathic injectable therapies that are a safe and natural way to regulate processes in the body that reduce inflammation, enhance the immune system and promote healing for better health.

How are Natural Rx Injections administered?

These injections are typically administered as an intra-muscular injection. For some patients, we can administer these nutrients through an IV infusion.

What is the difference between Natural Rx Injections and the typical steroid injection or OTC pain-reliever?

The main difference is that Natural Rx injections are ALL NATURAL and have been used for decades in helping the body heal itself. For instance, Traumeel injections are clinically-shown to help naturally reduce inflammation from common musculoskeletal issues without the side effects that steroids and NSAIDs typically provide. In addition, these Natural Rx injections support the healing process in the body. Steroids and OTC pain-relievers are just band aids to the problem and never fix the underlying issue.

I have chronic muscle spasms, can these help?

Absolutely! For patients with painful muscle spasms, our medical staff can administer these injections as trigger points into the muscle for relief. If the muscle spasms are painful, we can also combine lidocaine into the injection to help provide immediate pain relief into the sore muscle area.

I want a natural way to protect my body from colds and flus, will these help?

Yes. The Engystol injection can help patients reduce the onset of viral infections. This Natural Rx injection can also help reduce the severity of common flu symptoms.

What is the difference between the Immune DetoxingLymphomyosot X and Immune Boosting Engystol Injections?

The Lymphomyosot X injection should be used to help naturally support the immune system and detoxify harmful substances such as bacteria. This injection can be used for the common bacterial cold. The Engystol injections should be used for viral infections such as in the viral flu. Both of these injections could be taken as a preventative measure and also as an acute treatment during the early phases of the cold or flu.