The Joint & Muscle Performance program can help elevate your fitness performance and accelerate your recovery time.  Whether you are a workout guru or an athlete, AIM360 can help take your performance to the next level.  By using your lab work as a blue print, we personalize a program specifically around your labs, health history and fitness goals for optimal results.


1. Physician Consultation
Work one-on-one with an expert integrative doctor on understanding your goals.

2. Comprehensive Testing
We can prescribe various testing such as muscle ultrasounds, lab testing and/or X-rays.

3. Personalized Program
Utilize a combination of multiple medical therapies so you can maximize performance results.





How much does the physician consultation cost?

The initial physician consultation is FREE.

What happens during the initial consultation?

Our goal is to understand your health goals during the initial consultation so we can get a better understanding of how to help you. We will review your health history, medication list and answer any questions you may have. The initial consultation is about 30 minutes long. If we believe we can help you and you would like to start the process, we will prescribe lab testing, X-rays and/or perform a muscle ultrasound. We would do a follow up report of findings about 7 – 10 later when the results come back in.

What happens during the report of findings consultation?

During the report of findings consultation, our doctor goes over your lab results and what they mean to your overall health. After the review of lab results, our doctor will give you options on which medical therapies you may want to pursue in optimizing your joint and muscle performance.

How much does the program cost?

Because each program is completely customized to the patient, the program is dependent on your health goals, testing and lab work. Our doctors give options on different therapies so you can choose which one is best for you. Some patient programs are just a couple hundred dollars while others are a couple thousand dollars. You get to choose what you want to do based off of your health goals and testing.

How many patients have gone through the Joint & Muscle Performance program?

Both Dr. Dubyak and Dr. Dancy have been practicing natural and traditional pain medicine for over the past 15 years and on average, we have between 200-300 patients each year go through our Joint & Muscle Performance program.

I have muscle pain, how can you help me?

Our medical team takes a 360 degree approach in everything we do. After reviewing test results, our doctor and nurses can provide various therapies to help reduce muscle pain. Below are a few therapies we can use:

Natural Rx Injections +: Our Natural Rx Injections of Traumeel, Zeel and Scascupreel combined with Lidocaine can immediately numb the pain and reduce the inflammation.

Vitamin Injection or Performance IV Drip: If the muscle soreness is related to a nutritional deficiency, we can provide vitamin, amino acid and mineral nutrient infusions to help restore the function of the muscle.

Performance Diet and Supplement Therapy: Our medical team might prescribe a specific anti-inflammatory dietary plan to help naturally reduce free-radical toxins and begin the healing process through foods and nutrients.

I have joint pain, how can you help me?

Depending on the type of damage and whether it is acute or chronic joint pain, our team can provide the following therapies:

Hyaluronic Acid Injections: Otherwise known as chicken collagen, our hyaluronic acid injections provide natural lubrication between your joints to reduce pain and alleviate inflammation.

Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy: For patients trying to avoid a joint replacement or would like to naturally heal the body, our regenerative medicine physician can infuse amniotic stem cells into the joint to help it naturally regenerate.

Natural Rx Injections +: To reduce inflammation and pain, we can provide our Natural Rx Injections + to numb the pain and reduce inflammation.

Performance IV Drip: Our Performance IV Drip can help restore critical nutrients in the repair of cartilage, tendons and ligaments

Performance Nutrition: We can help reduce inflammation through dietary nutrition and diet therapy.

I want to increase my performance at the gym, what can help me?

We have many athletes and active patients wanting to increase their work-out performance so they can be in elite shape. Here are a few of the therapies we utilize to maximize fitness performance:

Testosterone Replacement Therapy: For patients with low testosterone, testosterone replacement therapy can help re-build muscle, increase stamina and improve performance.

Performance IV Drip: Our Performance IV Drip can deliver performance-enhancing nutrients directly into the blood stream for maximum absorption.

Max+ Injections: The muscle-rebuilding amino acids of glutamine, ornithine, arginine and lysine can be given as an amino acid injection.

Lipo Lean Injection: Our natural fat-burner injections contain B-Complex for energy, Methione/Inositol/Choline for fat-burning and L-Carnitine for muscle performance.

Performance Supplements: Our premium-grade performance nutrition line can stimulate muscle growth, generate more ATP, reduce muscle fatigue and accelerate performance at the gym.

Performance Diet Therapy: Not all food is created equal and our medical team can prescribe a dietary plan to fuel your workouts.