The Immune Boost program helps supercharge your immune system so you can fight off the common cold and flu. It can even help enhance your body’s natural defenses so you can fight off any immune-related diseases. From Natural Rx injections to fight the flu to Vitamin C Injections to boost the immune system, the Immune Boost program takes a 360 degree approach in accelerating results and getting you feeling better again.


1. Physician Consultation
Work one-on-one with an expert integrative doctor on understanding your goals.

2. Lab Work
Find the underlying reason of why your immune system is under performing.

3. Personalized Program
Utilize a combination of multiple medical therapies so you can boost your immune system.





How much does the physician consultation cost?

The initial physician consultation is FREE.

What happens during the initial consultation?

Our goal is to understand your health goals during the initial consultation so we can get a better understanding of how to help you. We will review your health history, medication list and answer any questions you may have. The initial consultation is about 30 minutes long. If we believe we can help you and you would like to start the process, we will prescribe comprehensive lab testing so we can understand your immune system better. We would do a follow up report of findings about 7 – 10 later when the results come back in.

What happens during the report of findings consultation?

During the report of findings consultation, our doctor goes over your lab results and what they mean to your overall health. After the review of lab results, our doctor will give you options on which medical therapies you may want to pursue in optimizing your immune system.

How much does the program cost?

Because each program is completely customized to the patient, the program is dependent on your health goals, testing and lab work. Our doctors give options on different therapies so you can choose which one is best for you. Some patient programs are just a couple hundred dollars while others are a couple thousand dollars. You get to choose what you want to do based off of your goals and testing.

I want a natural alternative to fighting colds, flus and immune-related diseases, what can help me?

Most patients coming into our office want a natural option in boosting their immune system so they can enhance their body’s natural defenses. Some of the most popular therapies we offer for both acute and preventative immune boosting are:

Natural Rx Injections: Our Natural Rx Injections are the alternative to a flu shot. The homeopathic Lymphomyosot X and Engystol injections can help both viral and bacterial infections. They can help prevent the onset of the common cold or virus and even reduce the number of days you have it. These injections can also naturally boost your body’s capabilities to fight off immune-related diseases.

Immune IV Drip: Our Immune IV Drip is a must for all patients with chronic suppressed immune systems. With almost a 100% bioavailability, our nutrition IV’s infuse Vitamin C, B-Vitamins, Glutathione and Electrolytes into your body to help prevent and/or eliminate a cold or flu.

Vitamin Injections: Vitamin C and Glutathione injections can help stimulate your immune system to defend against harmful bacteria and viruses.

Immune Supplements: Our complete line of immune boosting supplements take a 360 degree approach in boosting your immune system.

Diet Therapy: Our medical team utilizes a superfood diet to help patients naturally build their immune system.

I’m battling a medical disease that I would like to naturally build my immune system to fight against the disease. What can I do?

All of the medical nutrition therapies above could also be used to help naturally build your immune system to fight diseases.