Testosterone Therapy

Get an instant boost in testosterone with Testosterone Replacement Therapy. These injections help increase testosterone levels so you can improve stamina, libido and performance.

Oxytocin Therapy

Improve mood, boost libido and suppress your appetite with Oxytocin Therapy. Just one to two intranasal sprays daily and this innovative hormone therapy is giving patients back their life.

Hormone Weight Loss

Breakthrough all weight loss barriers with our hormone weight loss therapy. Stimulate your body into being a fat-releasing machine so you can trim down and drop the pounds from the areas you need it most.




How do I qualify for Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Our physicians will review your symptoms, medications and order lab work first so we can identify your current testosterone levels. Our medical team will then decide if testosterone replacement therapy can help benefit your current health status.

How can Testosterone Replacement help me?

Many men suffer from low testosterone levels and have no idea. From depression to low libido and even chronic pain, testosterone levels affect almost every aspect of your daily life. Increasing your testosterone levels can improve stamina, libido, muscle growth, weight loss, mood and cardiovascular function.

What is Oxytocin and what can it help?

Known as the nurturing hormone, Oxytocin has been clinically-shown to help a range of symptoms and conditions. Oxytocin therapy can help improve overall mood, improve female libido and reduce appetite. Oxytocin can also help improve pain symptoms.

How do I take Oxytocin?

Depending on your health goals and symptoms, you can take between 1 – 3 intranasal sprays 30 minutes before eating or sexual intercourse.

What is Hormone Weight Loss Therapy?

Hormone Weight Loss Therapy helps your body release fat. In combination with a low-calorie meal plan, *patients can lose between 1-2 lbs. per day on hormone weight loss therapy.
*Expect to lose between 1-2 pounds per week

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