KetoBolic Diet

The KetoBolic Diet by INEVO Body combines the Ketogenic Diet with metabolic-enhancing foods and nutrients to help stimulate fat-burning. This next generation Ketogenic Diet has been successfully used by hundreds of our patients who want to lose weight, increase metabolism and improve energy.

PaleoCore Diet

The PaleoCore Diet by INEVO Body combines the Paleo Diet with performance-enhancing foods and nutrients to help take your body to the next level. Designed for the elite athlete or gym enthusiast, the PaleoCore Diet stimulates muscle growth, speeds up recovery and improves your physique.

Anti-InflammX Diet

The Anti-InflammX Diet by INEVO Body is the next generation Anti-Inflammatory and Gluten-Free Diet program. Designed as a two level program, the Anti-InflammX Diet eliminates the addictive and allergenic foods of gluten, dairy and sugar from your diet so you can improve digestion, reduce pain, curb your cravings and lose weight.

PhytoNutrix Diet

The PhytoNutrix Diet by INEVO Body is a superfood Vegetarian and Vegan Diet that boosts your immune system. ThePhytoNutrix Diet helps defy aging by focusing on foods that are high in phytochemicals, bioflavonoids and fiber so you can regain back your health, lose weight and look your best.

EvoBalance Diet

The EvoBalance Diet by INEVO Body is the ultimate clean eating diet for hormone and brain balance. The EvoBalance Diet is designed to eliminate all processed foods and chemicals so your body can recharge and reboot. Gain control of your hormones, lose weight and be happier.

Nutrition Supplements

Our medical practice uses pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements from INEVO Body. From fat blasters to hormone balancers, INEVO Body supplements can help optimize your nutrition levels in your body so you can start feeling like you again.




What is included in the Diet Program?

Advanced Integrative Medical 360 uses INEVO Body’s innovative online diet platform to help our patients with their diet goals. This month-to-month online membership includes the following:

-Unlimited access to all 5 diet programs.
-5 diet recipe books with over 400+ easy-to-make recipes.
-40+ featured diet cooking videos showcasing some of the best tasting meals.
-40+ nutrition expert vides to help show you how to incorporate the diet into your lifestyle.
-Each diet contains a 30-day guide to help you each step of the way through the diet program.
-Each diet program contains meal plans, grocery lists and nutrition go-to tips for extra support.
-Access to INEVO Body’s exclusive online diet challenge groups moderated by the top diet experts.

How much does the diet program cost?

INEVO Body’s EvoDiet program is only $99/month with unlimited access to all five diet programs. This is a month-to-month membership and you can cancel anytime.

I want to lose weight, which diet program is the best?

Each diet program can help you lose weight. Advanced Integrative Medical 360 believes each person loses weight differently and that is why we recommend various diets to different patients.

What is the KetoBolic Diet?

The KetoBolic Diet is the ultimate Ketogenic Diet that infuses metabolic-enhancing nutrients into the diet program for maximum fat burn. Patients can choose from 3 different levels of KetoBolic and can incorporate intermittent fasting to help breakthrough weight loss plateaus:

KetoFlex: This KetoBolic level is for the beginner Ketogenic dieter and is designed to incorporate 60% fats, 25% protein and 15% carbs into your daily diet. This level is a great transition into the KetoBolic lifestyle.

KetoFit: This KetoBolic level is for the endurance or active gym goer who wants to improve their body performance. Patients would consume 60% fat, 35% protein and 5% carbs daily. On heavy lifting days, you would introduce carb cycling to help maximize performance.

KetoX: This KetoBolic level is for the extreme dieter who wants to lose the most weight. The KetoX level is similar to the traditional Ketogenic Diet with 70% fat, 25% protein and 5% carbs.

What is the PaleoCore Diet?

The PaleoCore Diet introduces the eating habits of our Paleolithic ancestors. Known as hunters and gathers, Paleolithic cavemen incorporated both high intensity and endurance activity into their daily life. Whether they were running away from larger predators or seeking out their next meal, the paleo people stayed fit and lean. Simple foods of meat, seafood, nuts, seeds and healthy fats are the mainstay of this diet program. Patients would eliminate inflammatory grains and dairy from their diet because this was not common during the Paleolithic age.

What is the Anti-InflammX Diet?

The Anti-InflammX Diet was designed to eliminate all possible allergenic food triggers from your diet. Whether you have an auto-immune disease or digestive issues, the Anti-InflammX Diet is a must to regain back your health. This diet has 2 options to choose from. The Anti-InflammX level eliminates the addictive and allergenic foods of gluten and dairy from your diet. This level will help improve digestion, eliminate cravings and stimulate weight loss. The Anti-InflammX Plus level is the next step up and eliminates gluten, dairy, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds and night shade vegetables. This level would be recommended as the first option if you are suffering from chronic inflammatory diseases or have an auto-immune disorder.

What is the PhytoNutrix Diet?

The PhytoNutrix Diet is the ultimate vegetarian and vegan superfood diet. This diet program was designed to boost your immune system, enhance your beauty and prevent chronic-lifestyle related diseases. Infused with phytochemicals, bioflavonoids and healing nutrients, the PhytoNutrix Diet heals your body from the inside out.

What is the EvoBalance Diet?

The EvoBalance Diet is a clean eating diet designed to restore hormone and brain balance. With continuous exposure from toxins, pesticides, herbicides, food additives, genetically modified foods and more, our body is under a constant chemical burden. The EvoBalance Diet eliminates all processed foods and encourages healthy eating from organic fruits and vegetables, antibiotic and hormone-free meats, wild-caught seafood and non-GMO foods.