"Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
This journey to be healthier and loose weight was mentally hard at first. Dr. Dubyak and Kallista Dennis (Fitness Nutrition Specialist) were both fabulous in the planning and execution of my plan. From the day of my consultation to today Kallista , (my coach and cheerleader) have been their for me 100% of my journey. I was my worst enemy, I am very hard on myself. Through my chat sessions or my weekly phone calls, Kallista was always there when I needed her, calming me down and coaching me through all of my hard times. It wasn't the program I was on, that was easy, Everything was tailored to my lab results and what I needed to loose weight and become healthier. I would just beat myself up and stress over silly things. Kallista was always motivating, inspiring, and just reassuring me everything will work out. Guess what, she was right! I lost 30 pounds in a little over a month, my lab results improved enormously. I feel good about myself, something I haven't felt in years!  Friends and family say not only do I look better (healthier) , but my attitude has changed for the better, and I'm smiling all the time.
The programs are extremely easy, everything is laid out for your personal needs, explained in terms that you understand, If you don't understand, a simple text or call and Kallista was there. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to loose weight, and or just be healthier and live a better life"

"Any time you are on an airplane, the flight attendants tell parents in case of an emergency to put their oxygen masks on first before they put on their child's.

In a way Integrative Medical 360 was my own oxygen mask. I needed to take care of myself before I could properly care for my family and my young daughter.

By losing 30 pounds in just 60 days, I finally feel like I am not at war with my body. I am able to leap over the hurdles that my PCOS diagnosis has placed in front of me, and, most importantly, I am able to set a healthy example for my daughter.

As a reformed "yo-yo dieter," I can tell you that the staff at Integrative Medical 360, especially my wonderful health coach Maria, are caring and equip you with the tools to shape you into your best, healthiest self.

I still have a mountain to climb, but with all that I have learned and the support from the staff and doctors I know that my dream of finishing a half-marathon is within reach."


“I went to the center because I am going through menopause and had no energy!! I’ve got 8 weeks of IV’s with vitamins and on a diet that Maria planned for me. I’m down 6 lbs. and have tons of energy!! Going to get more tests and continue my journey!! I would recommend the holistic route any day over taking pills the rest of my life!!”


“I have continually struggled with my weight and stomach issues. I had been to a gastroenterologist at a young age where I was told I had IBS and would continue living with weight & stomach issues until I hit a wall this past January at the age of 33. I ate very little and continued a strict workout regimen to only feel tired, defeated, and again overweight. I decided to take a different approach by seeking out help from more of an integrative level. I did not realize how important nutrition was to overall health. It was effecting my mental as well as physical well being.

AIM 360 has not only helped me get my energy and a truly focused nutritional regimen in place, but gain back my mental stability and HAPPINESS! I was miserable. I gained knowledge and the advice I needed through their Nutritional Counseling. I stayed consistent with the program and was able to lose 16 lbs in 2 months. I am working out again with energy and have made eating healthy a habit. Thank you AIM360 for being what worked for me in a world full of fad diets, pills, and misdiagnosing. I highly recommend the program and staff.”


“I came to Advanced Integrative Medical 360 in January 2018 because I was having trouble losing weight. I had put on weight before and was able to lose it with just diet and exercise changes. But after my latest bout of weight gain in my mid-40s my body wasn’t responded like it did the other times. I would eat better and exercise, but would only lose about five pounds and then hit a plateau that lasted a couple of months. I decided it was time to get help from a professional, but my health insurance wouldn’t cover any programs until I was 100 pounds overweight and their only offer was surgery. So, I started to search for an alternate solution. This is when I found Advanced Integrative Medical 360. It was offered as something that would “reset” my body to allow me to lose weight. That sounded like exactly what I needed since I have had success in the past, but my body wasn’t responding like it used to.

I started with switching to a clean eating plan for 10 days then I completed 30 days of hormone injections along with the prescribed diet which I followed exactly. In total I’ve lost 23.4 pounds so far. The last month since I finished the therapies has involved a return to clean eating and learning a whole new way to cook. This latter part may not be necessary for everyone, but I learned how to cook the “Italian” way with lots of pasta and fats. So, everything I knew no longer applied and I now cook with all fresh ingredients (nothing processed) mostly consisting of meat and vegetables. The food I cook now tastes better than the old way and my husband and two children eat it also!

The nutritional IVs that I received along with the new vitamins I am taking are slowly returning my body back to a balanced state. Now I that I have a handle on the new way to prepare food and more energy, I am adding in an increase to my exercise plan which has pretty much been non-existent for the last year. This is a journey that I’m on, but I’m only halfway to my weight loss goal. However, I feel poised for success thanks to the plan provided by Dr. Dubyak.”


“ I always considered myself a “bit overweight”, but as the years went on, that idea of a “bit overweight” became more like a “bit obese”. Something had to be done, so I turned to Advanced Integrative Medical 360 for some advice.

It turned out, after consulting with Dr. Dubyak and reviewing my bloodwork results, weight loss was the least of my worries! The negative effect years of weight gain had on my overall health and quality of life was quite a wakeup call. You see, it was not about the numbers on the scale as much as it was about my high sugar count, bad cholesterol numbers and inflammation being stored throughout my body. My physical (and mental) health was at risk but with the help of AIM 360, namely Dr. Dubyak and Maria, that was then and this is now….

A personalized, realistic, goal attainable program was put in place for me and over the last few months with healthy eating, exercise and daily motivation from my health coach, Maria, I have lost 25 lbs. Yes, there were some ups and downs along the way but I was never judged or discouraged, instead cheered on and supported. I am NOW in control of my wellbeing and I am NOW a much healthier, happier me, thanks to AIM 360!”


“This year I turned 50 and was in crisis. I needed something to help me. I was an overweight, unhealthy, drinking and smoking mess. I was sitting at my computer, thinking to myself, “God, please help me.”

I kid you not, within minutes I received a phone call. It was Advanced Integrative Medical 360, they offered to help me lose weight. I said, “YES….let’s do it!”

It was the best health decision I ever made. I lost close to 40 pounds in 2 months, quit drinking and smoking.

I can’t thank Advanced Integrative Medical 360 enough. They offered a healthy solution to weight loss and helped me change my life. I could not have done it without their care and support. “


“My name is Richard; I came to Advanced Integrative Medical 360 after my daughter had success last year. I am a 59-year-old male, retired military worked in the oil field, and drove a UPS delivery truck, and now currently sell insurance. I have been struggling with my weight and blood sugars for about 10 years. I am also a class II diabetic. I met with Dr. Dubyak and Maria in mid-January started the program on the 28th of January I weighed in at 218 pounds, taking a daily shot of Levemir (insulin) of 45 units and I was started on a 2-week diet of no glutens, sugars, or dairy. During the next 5 weeks, I was given an app for tracking my progress by Maria. The app also allows communication for questions and concerns with Maria as well.

Today is March 6th I am down to 200 pounds and because of the elimination of gluten in my diet, I have had such a decrease in high sugars I am no longer required to use the insulin. I feel because of the program of clean eating and discovering the effects that the gluten product effect on my blood sugars it has been life-changing. I also believe because of the continued support provided by the 360 team I have been able to reach this goal in record time and helping me to understand my body I will continue to achieve new goals and live a longer healthier life and manage my diabetes even better.”


“This team has given me the tools and support to get my life back again.”


“I am now in control of my wellbeing and I am now a much healthier, happier me, thanks to AIM 360!”


“I started on the program as soon as I saw my results, and in just 44 days I have lost 28 pounds, and I feel great!”