Patient Process

We treat our patients like family.

The AIM360 primary functional medicine process is considerably different than the traditional medicine process you may be used to. Instead of focusing on multiple diseases and symptoms, we view your health and your body as one complete, integrative system. Our team takes time to listen to your concerns and answer any questions you may have when it comes to your past, present, and future health.

When it comes to treating our patients and creating a unique, customized treatment plan, we do not guess on what your body needs. We utilize the most advanced functional lab tests to identify the underlying, root cause of your symptoms. These tests tell us what your body is lacking in terms of nutrients, and shows us how your hormones, organs, and systems are all working together.

Step 1: Primary Care Appointment

Your first visit will be with Dr. Dancy, our Primary Functional M.D., and will be approximately 45 minutes in length. He will go over your health history and give you a full examination to understand your current health status, hear your concerns, and answer any questions you may have about treatment.

At this first appointment, Dr. Dancy will determine what lab tests need to be done so that he and our functional medical team can get a comprehensive analysis of your health. At this time, you will meet with one of our health coaches to go over the lab testing and understand how this will give you a full report of your health. You can learn more about the testing that we order here.

Step 2: Functional Health Report

Your second visit will be with Dr. Dubyak, our Clinic Director and Functional Medicine Expert, and will be approximately 75 minutes in length. In this appointment, he will review your lab results and give you your functional medicine report of findings. He will go over everything that was discovered from your labs, and answer any questions you may have about what they mean.

Dr. Dubyak will then provide a suggested treatment plan for you that is 100% individualized to your body based on those results and your functional report. He will review everything that your body needs so that you can live your life with optimal health and wellness. Depending on your results, he will advise which diet protocol is best for you, which supplements you should use, and give general lifestyle recommendations.

After your report and suggested treatment program have been reviewed and agreed upon, you will then meet with one of our nationally certified health coaches again to get you scheduled for your follow-up appointments.

Step 3: Ongoing Functional Care

Your ongoing functional care is really where all the magic happens.  Depending on your treatment program, you may be receiving nutritional IV therapy once a week, taking vitamin injections twice a week, receiving hormone replacement therapy, and taking high-dose pharmaceutical grade nutraceutical supplements.  You will also be following a specific dietary protocol that is best suited for you and your body, and receiving one-on-one health coaching.

You are never alone on this journey to better health.  Our entire primary functional care team works together to provide you with the best patient experience and to improve your health so that you can live your best life.  You are our number one priority, and we continually strive to seek the best treatment plan for you as we continue to provide your primary functional care.