Female Balance

We understand the toll that daily stressors take on your life as a woman.  Hormone imbalance can interrupt the way you move, think, and act throughout the day.  When just one hormone level is off, it can throw everything else out of balance. If you’ve been suffering with any issues that you think could be related to hormone imbalance, AIM360 can help. You do NOT have to go through life feeling this way.

AIM360’s Female Hormone Balance Program uses the most advanced functional lab testing to identify the core reason why you have been struggling with your symptoms.  With our in-depth lab testing and our extensive lifestyle questionnaire, we can pinpoint exactly what’s going on inside of your body that’s causing your hormone imbalance.  We then tackle that issue head-on with our revolutionary, individualized approach to optimizing your health. This program is unlike anything you’ve ever done before.

Our functional medicine experts provide you with the correct tools, resources, coaches, and nutrition program that will reset your hormones and ultimately improve your health and quality of life.  Our number one priority at AIM360 is YOU, our patient. We strive to improve your health and your quality of life, and get you feeling your best. All of our female hormone patients receive an individualized program designed for your goals, your symptoms, and your biochemistry.


Inexplicable weight gain

Mood swings

Slowed metabolism

Low libido



Increased stress

Poor Sleep

Night sweats or hot flashes




Skin issues (acne, aging, etc.)

Brittle nails


Hair thinning or hair loss

Lack of motivation

Step 1: Set up and attend your initial consultation
  • Meet with the functional medical doctor to review your health history
  • Complete comprehensive functional lab testing to identify the root cause of your Female Balance discomfort
Step 2: Receive your functional health report and begin your program
  • 10-14 days after your lab testing, meet with the functional medical physician to review the findings of your labs
  • Receive customized Female Balance program and begin treatment
Step 3: Ongoing support and further program customization
  • Access to the AIM360 Smartphone App
  • One-on-one health coaching with our expert certified health coaches
  • High dose nutraceutical supplementation
  • High dose vitamin IV therapy/vitamin injections
  • Hormone replacement therapy