You can call our highly experienced certified functional medicine team if you need help in getting to the root cause of your health concerns.
auto immune disorders
digestive problems
hormone imbalances
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Our certified functional medicine team consists of some of the most specialized integrative doctors, nurses and health coaches in the Pittsburgh region.
Board-Certified Primary Care Medical Doctor
Anti-Aging Functional Medicine Doctor
Holistic Registered Nurses
Certified Nutrition Health Coaches
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Advanced Integrative Medical 360 is one of the only functional medicine centers in the Pittsburgh area accepting health insurance for doctor visits.
Blue Cross/ Blue Shield
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Functional Medicine Programs

Our functional medicine experts help reset your metabolism and ultimately reduce your body fat to help you lose weight.

We develop a completely personalized functional program to alleviate or eliminate your immune symptoms.

Hormone imbalance can interrupt the way you live.  Our functional experts pinpoint exactly what’s going on in your body that’s causing your hormone imbalance.

AIM360 physicians identify the core reasons why you have been struggling with digestive symptoms, and help you regain optimal digestive function

Chronic pain can sometimes be a result of root health issues like hormone imbalance or nutrient deficiencies.

Discover what the underlying reason is to your health symptoms and regain energy, vitality, and performance with individualized hormone therapy.

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We are committed to providing the most affordable primary functional

care to our patients.  We are proud to be the top functional medical

experts in the Greater Pittsburgh Area to bring the most advanced,

scientifically proven treatments to tackle the root cause of chronic health


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What Patients Say

  "Thank you from the bottom of my heart! This journey to be healthier and loose weight was mentally hard at first. Dr. Dubyak and Kallista Dennis (Fitness Nutrition Specialist) were both fabulous in the planning and execution of my plan. From the day of my consultation to today Kallista , (my coach and cheerleader) have been…


"Any time you are on an airplane, the flight attendants tell parents in case of an emergency to put their oxygen masks on first before they put on their child's. In a way Integrative Medical 360 was my own oxygen mask. I needed to take care of myself before I could properly care for my…


“I went to the center because I am going through menopause and had no energy!! I’ve got 8 weeks of IV’s with vitamins and on a diet that Maria planned for me. I’m down 6 lbs. and have tons of energy!! Going to get more tests and continue my journey!! I would recommend the holistic…


The Experts

Darren Dubyak D.C., ABAAHP, CFMP
Darren Dubyak D.C., ABAAHP, CFMP
As an expert nutrition, weight loss and natural pain medicine physician, Dr. Dubyak has helped thousands of patients in the
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Dr. Dancy is a sports medicine specialist with expertise in the non-operative care of orthopaedic, musculoskeletal and other pain-related conditions.
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Bernadette Kabay, Certified Lifestyle Educator
Bernadette Kabay, Certified Lifestyle Educator
With over 15 years’ experience in functional medicine and weight loss, Bernadette helps clients through behavior lifestyle changes. Supporting clients
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Maria Dubyak, Certified Health Coach
Maria Dubyak, Certified Health Coach
Maria first started in the wellness industry as a Weight Watchers leader in the Pittsburgh region in 2004. Through successfully
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